Quickly and Easily Find a No Fee Apartment

There are so many apartments in NYC that you can rent that it can take up to 40 hours a week to find the perfect one. Particularly if you would like to live in the posh upper east side. If you want to have any chance of renting a brownstone, walkup, or elevator apartment there, you will need to know a few tips before you start.

Not only is it very tough to find apartments in NY, but if you want to limit your search to no fee apartments in the upper east side, you’ll quickly find that you’re going to need a broker to find the deals for you. A broker is able to negotiate good rates and keep you informed when an apartment becomes immediately available. If you think that you’ll be able to snatch up the good apartments before someone else will, well, you may be in for a surprise.

The big issue with brokers, however, is the fact that they charge a minimum of 15% for their services. While this may get the job done, it defeats the purpose of searching for a no fee apartment.

Luckily, times are changing, and there are many landlords that are willing to pay the broker fee in order to get a renter into their building and paying rent. So how do you find those no fee apartments that you’re looking for in the upper east side that will pay for the broker fees? It’s simple – either ask the broker or use a listing service.

A broker who is worth their weight in salt will have a list of apartment buildings that will pay for the broker fees. However, this is going to severely limit the number of options you have available. If you use a listing service, you’ll have all of the available no fee apartments at your fingertips.